Demo with Unreal Engine 3 on PC platform.
Running at 60fps in 1080p.
Gameplay: vertical platformer around a cylinder with traps everywhere to stop the progression of the hero.
Released in June 2012.

Effective production time: 3 months.

I was in charge of the programming part in unrealscript then I did the gameplay and tools programming.

CLIMB is actually a game that takes place sci-fi world. Picture that In a far future, a brave soldier will have to protect his planet against an invasion from outer space. The invaders drop huge mechanic towers on the planet to dry its resources out. Our hero, half robot and half plant will have to climb on top of one of these towers to destroy its weak spots, the heart. The heart will defends itself throughout the progression of the soldier with traps and puzzles. Our hero will have to use all his skills and everything he has learned and knows to reach as fast as possible the top of the tower. Save his people and save his planet.


Coline Turquin : Game Programmer // Unrealscript Programming – Tools Programming //
Antoine Galanti : Level Designer – Level Builder – Environment Artist // Tower – Traps – Events – Kismet – FX
Gregory Tuema Kabishi : Character Designer – Modeling
Guillaume Provost : Environment Artist // Landscape – Skydome – Vegetation – Lighting – Heart //
Vincent Tirtiat : Animator – Technical Artist // Trailer – Character animations – Roots animation – Main material – Traps – Level design – Sound design //

In-game MUSIC: Nixdorux – Hyper Activity.